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Delivery 18/01/2013 - Best new arrivals....


Rift Lake Cichlids; - £7.99 each; 3 for £20.00

Aulonocara Blue, Red Sided

Aulonocara Gold

Aulonocara Orange Blotch

Aulonocara Red

Psuedotropheous Blue Zebra

Psuedotropheous Red Zebra



Callochromis Pleurospilus - £11.99 each; 3 for £30.00 Very Nice!!



Gold Nugget Pleco L81 - £59.99 XXL!! Huge and Very Pretty!

Magnum/Mango Pleco L47 - £74.99 XXXL!!! Stunning!!



Threadfin Rainbowfish - £4.49 each

Furcata Rainbowfish - £4.49 each



Long-fin Endler Guppies - £3.99 each Beautiful Fish!



Latest Tropical Arrivals....

†††††††† Every effort is made to keep this section as up to date as possible. However we cannot guarantee availability of the above and if you are making a specific trip to see a particular fish, it is highly recommended that you call or email us first to avoid disappointment.

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