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RO (Reverse Osomsis) Water

           Osmosis is the process by which water molecules pass through a partially permeable membrane via a process called diffusion. In this way, water moves from concentrated solutions to more dilute ones until both are of equal strength. This is the process that causes your fingers to wrinkle in the bath, with your skin acting as the membrane, allowing water, but not larger molecules through from the (relatively) more dilute bath water into your more concentrated body). Reverse osmosis uses the same membrane, but forces water through it at pressure, so the water becomes MORE dilute, and therefore purer.


         A lot is added to tap water to make it safe to drink, as well as the water picking up minerals from the local area as it is collected in reservoirs. Delicate fish species, such as Discus or Marine Fish, are often very sensitive to these ‘impurities’ in the ‘raw’ tap water and will often do better if the water is first passed through a Reverse Osmosis (RO) Unit. This purified water can then be adjusted easily to reflect the natural water of the species being kept, and lead to happier fish and better looking tanks!


         RO water is essential for Marine Fish and strongly recommended for Discus. It can also be used with more delicate tropical species.


         We sell RO water, either plain or pre-salted for Marine Tanks, and we sell barrels for transport. We will also happily fill any container you already have. We also sell the units for installation at home.






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